The farm, run by Patrick McCormack, contains 225 acres which have been farmed organically for over 20 years. The farm rises to over 800 feet to the north and is typical species rich Burren upland landscape. The low land contains some traditional fields which are used for meadowing and organic vegetable production. 80 ewes, 25 suckler cows, some Irish Draft horses and Connemara ponies are kept on the farm and 25 acres of our land has been reserved for the preservation of the ferral goat, a project part assisted by Burren Life.

The farm was one of 22 farms participating with the Burren Life team to develop a blueprint for farming for conservation in the Burren. Teagasc has used the farm on numerous occasions for organic farm walks. Over the years, the farm has been host to several national and international universities for educational purposes.